Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chrome Notebook. My Hands-on Review

I received my very own Chrome Notebook today and so far, I love it. Yes it has its quirks, but... its a Google notebook! For the most part everything works, there are just some odd things that fail to work. 

  • First of all, the "Next tab" button, doesn't do anything but jump/bump the side of the screen (odd?).  Once you open a new Window, it switches between windows, but it should not have been labeled a next tab button if it switched windows. 
  • Sync does work, it just takes forever to load.
  • There is a slight lag to the keyboard.
  • Selecting text doesn't work in all cases (read: text boxes). Fixed on restart.
  • Cursor sometimes doesn't change until you click feverishly.
  • Trackpad is hard to get used to, sometimes freaks out.
  • Flash player does not work very well on YouTube, Hulu, etc. Works fine for Grooveshark.
  • USB/SD cards do not work at all. The content browser comes up but it is empty.
  • Can take screenshots but there doesn't appear to be any purpose yet except to send them along with a bug report.
  • Shortcuts to move to next or previous tab do not work.
  • Battery time never finishes "Calculating".

Those are all the issues I noticed so far. But otherwise, the startup time was less than 10 seconds. I haven't ran into any extensions that don't work and websites seem to load and run very smoothly. Also, bettary life seems to be very good. I miss the delete button, but you can do Alt+Backspace to achieve the same thing. Dedicated search button is sweet, especially since it saves me time trying to work the trackpad.

Sent from my Chrome notebook.

James Hartig


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