Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chromium's New Custom DNS Feature

Chromium recently introduced a new Custom DNS feature to their about:labs. This would come in great handy to me as I connect to a VPN but want to keep Chromium on my main DNS and not the VPN's. Sadly the custom DNS feature is Linux-only. After digging a bit through the source code, you can enable it by adding the switch --dns-server. I tried: --dns-server= (for OpenDNS) however, it didn't work for me and Chromium kept coming back saying that it couldn't resolve the domain name.

If you can get it to work on a non-Linux system, let me know how in the comments!

James Hartig

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Jonas N said...

A related issue to this, issue 60149, doesn't seem to be closed in their bug tracker, so a guess is that a command-line switch could have been added for the feature, but that it's not yet quite functional?

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