Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personal Grooveshark Bug Tracker

If I'm on the computer, I'm using Grooveshark, therefore it is a big part of my life. As Grooveshark employees will be able to tell you, I often submit ideas and bugs to them. Some of them are fixed instantly and others are added to their massive Bug/Feature tracker. Well to make things a bit more public, I'm establishing my own simple bug tracker of bugs/features which I noticed and when I see them fixed, I'll cross them off. The list is hosted on Ta-da. If anyone notices a bug that I don't have or if one is fixed and I missed it, let me know @fastest963.

Please realize that if a bug is marked as fixed, that means it was fixed in preview (VIP-only). The bug/feature should be transitioned to the production environment sometime after (weeks/days).

James Hartig

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