Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personal Grooveshark Bug Tracker

If I'm on the computer, I'm using Grooveshark, therefore it is a big part of my life. As Grooveshark employees will be able to tell you, I often submit ideas and bugs to them. Some of them are fixed instantly and others are added to their massive Bug/Feature tracker. Well to make things a bit more public, I'm establishing my own simple bug tracker of bugs/features which I noticed and when I see them fixed, I'll cross them off. The list is hosted on Ta-da. If anyone notices a bug that I don't have or if one is fixed and I missed it, let me know @fastest963.

Please realize that if a bug is marked as fixed, that means it was fixed in preview (VIP-only). The bug/feature should be transitioned to the production environment sometime after (weeks/days).

James Hartig

Friday, January 22, 2010

Twurla: My new site needs your help!

I will post more information regarding the service at a later date, at this point we are just developing and need your help to continue development.

TwURLa is a site where people can find stats for the amount of traffic that a site receives from twitter. We collect the amount of times that a domain is tweeted and aggregate this data by day and apply a rating to every site. Site-owners can now track and monitor their domain as it performs on twitter.

We have been in contact with Twitter regarding their API use and about what data we are "allowed" to show on our site. At this point, we are not allowed to show ANY of the data we were planning on showing. Twitter is not allowing us to proceed because we are not big enough to be allowed to do this. Who says that we will not be huge when we launch? Twitter should not have this power! If you wish to give us a chance and allow us to continue development:

I hope you choose to help us, it is only 1 tweet and it will greatly help us. For everyone that tweets, we will publish your username on our new site.

Update (1/26/10): We have been given upgraded access to the StreamingAPI feed, however the agreements to sign for Firehose and to display stats are not available yet.

James Hartig