Thursday, December 17, 2009

Posterous Custom Domain Redirect Problems

Anyone with a custom domain for their Posterous blog knows the troubles that you go through trying to Digg an article or submit your site to Technorati. Well the process as gotten much better and I can confirm that Technorati works. There are still problems with most verification, like Google Webmaster tools, because of the single sign-on redirect that Posterous uses. Basically, when you visit say,, you are redirected to and you are signed in, then redirected back to the original domain. While this is seamless with most browsers, any non-browser crawl, etc just see a redirect page and not the actual content.

I have contacted Posterous regarding the situation and they said; in a very prompt reply:
"This is changing in a release coming very soon"
I was also replied to on Twitter (tweet). I'm hoping they find a workaround and I can continue on with my various activities.

James Hartig

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