Wednesday, December 16, 2009

deVolf - PTR Records and AT&T is disaster

Almost 2 weeks ago, on of deVolf's user's email server blocked our registration email. I had forgotten to inform AT&T of the new IP that we relocated to when we moved the servers. Greg contacted AT&T regarding the issue last Wednesday asking them to add the PTR records to our static IP. It has been a week with no response back and no PTR records. Greg talked to them and they claimed that there were some "DNS issues". This is completely unacceptable and adding a PTR record should take no more than 10 seconds. The fact that they had not told us of the issues and kept us informed is completely unacceptable. We have contacted them back and I will keep this posted on when we get the PTR records. In the future: call for PTR records, call again, again, and again.

Update(12/17/09): The PTR have been added today (8 days from when asked). it must have been birthday luck :)

James Hartig

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